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Such A Pretty Girl is a young adult novel by American author Laura Wiess. The book was first published on January 2, through MTV Books and deals.
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The kind that chills and fascinates; moreover the kind that for some, occurs in everyday life. Did I say fascinate? Yes, I suppose I did. We have to admit to the fascination or why else would we want to read about it?

Such A Pretty Girl

Somehow though, authors of books like this make me realise that there must be others just like me. Like I said, why else would we read stories like this one and moreover why else would anyone write them? The answer is the tale. Her struggle, her ways of coping—it is all very real—and her triumph in the end, though bittersweet for having to endure the pain before that, is nonetheless a victory.

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The court system had promised Meredith nine years of safety by sentencing him to a term that would not finish until after Meredith had left home, but he managed to convince them of remorse and was released after only three. Although Sharon, Meredith's mother, could have divorced him in that time she did not, instead supporting him wholeheartedly and visiting him in jail every week.

Meredith's opposition to his re-appearance in their lives angers Sharon who expects her to welcome him back into the family and to show a united front to the neighborhood. She also blames Meredith for breaking up the family by giving evidence against her father and demands total compliance with her plan to bring him home. Seeing her father again terrifies Meredith far more than she had predicted and she realizes immediately that he is going to molest her again. The community agrees with Meredith's perspective about her father's return and shun the family, the local pizzeria refusing to deliver pizza to their home whilst happily delivering to the rest of the complex.

Not wanting to eat with her parents Meredith runs to her friend Andy 's apartment, keeping him secret from her parents for fear of them forbidding them to see each other.

Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess

Andy was also molested by Charles Shale and was paralyzed shortly afterward. He and his mother are planning a trip to Iowa to have an audience with an old man said to be able to heal believers, but Meredith is devastated at the timing of their trip and is terrified of being alone in her situation. Andy gives her keys to his home so that she can take refuge there if needed. Despite being forbidden by the terms of his parole to be alone with Meredith at any time, Charles finds a willing accomplice in his wife when it comes to blatantly disobeying this rule.

Sharon's goal is to move him back into the family home as soon as she can and does not see any reason to inconvenience herself by having to supervise their interaction.

Finding herself alone with her father at breakfast, Meredith tells him she is going to take a shower, then escapes out of her bedroom window and flees to Andy's home, begging his mother to hide her as her father is after her. Sure enough, he soon bangs on the front door but gives up on getting any answers out of Paula, Andy's mother, when she asks him if he has Jesus in his heart. Unsure about whether she can really trust Mrs.

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Mues, Meredith goes to her grandmother's house only to find her mother's car parked in the driveway. Her mother is furious and unrepentant about leaving Meredith alone with her father but her grandmother is less forgiving of his crime and genuinely has Meredith's best interests at heart. Longing to live with her grandmother, Meredith realizes that she cannot when her mother admits that they are trying to have another child; she feels a huge responsibility to protect the unborn child and believes that although going to live with Leah Louise would undoubtedly save her from her father, it would not save the children that would inevitably come next.

When her grandmother leaves to visit with her attorney, Meredith leaves also and goes back to her family house. She encounters Nigel Balthazar, the retired policeman who had actually arrested her father for molesting her.

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Book Launch and Reading: Such a Pretty Girl by Nadina LaSpina July 31, PM - PM Such a Pretty Girl is Nadina LaSpina's story—from her early years in her native Sicily, where still a baby she contracts polio, a fact that makes her the object of well-meaning pity and the target of messages of hopelessness; to her adolescence and youth in America, spent almost entirely in hospitals, where she is tortured in the quest for a cure and made to feel that her body no longer belongs to her; to her rebellion and her activism in the disability rights movement.

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