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Dana White is referred to by many as the King of MMA, and one cannot deny the immense popularity of Dana in the MMA community and business world. Dana.
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It seemed there was a time when a shoe was about to drop. Unless there was a public apology Woodley said he would go public with embarrassing secrets. He did not get a public apology, but he did not leak any embarrassing secrets either.

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One is left to wonder if someone, perhaps White himself, got to Woodley and convinced him to cool down and drop this messy feud. Instead of merely thanking the foreign press and her agent etc. Streep felt the need to take a swing at MMA. They train their whole lives to become the best in the world.

This is the world we live in. White made news by defending gun ownership in the wake of the horrible massacre carried out at the country music festival where 58 people were killed and more than were wounded. His new contract guarantees him the 9 per cent ownership for 5 years. So as the fortunes of UFC rise so too will Mr. Men like Dana White and Vince McMahon who run big companies have big egos so its not so surprising that the two have had their differences over the years.

UFC's history and In depth interview with Dana White

White so far has declined to meet the challenge from McMahon. White maintains that he has a good relationship with McMahon and does not consider them to be enemies. Dana White grew up in New England and he is a Patriots fan. But his passion for football does not extend to the business end of things. In the same interview he was asked about the ongoing controversy over the national anthem protests and whether he would play the anthem at UFC matches.

Dana White, King of Mma : Dana White an Unauthorized Biography -

This is the age of social media so when you are an internationally known celebrity you have to know you are going to get a lot of attention on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For the most part it seems celebrities accept this fact, although many of them clearly do not like it. But how would you like to have a blog dedicated to trashing you?

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This blogger ranted about his numerous alleged shortcomings from treating UFC fighters badly to being a horrible businessman. There is no question Dana White has his faults, but under his leadership UFC has become a highly popular and profitable sport and entertainment brand. In the book she explains that she and Dana White did spend a lot of time together and made public appearances during the period her contract to join UFC in was being hammered out.

White was hoping the contract would be finished while they were together and they would be able to make the big announcement together.

Dana White, King of MMA: Dana White an unauthorized biography

The fighter insists she never dated or had a relationship with White. For his part Dana White has been pretty quiet about the whole thing. The infamous Boston mobster Whitey Bulger and his gang got wind of his business activities. When they demanded he pay the money by the following day or else, White says he bought a ticket for the next flight to Las Vegas and removed himself from the situation.

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He is upfront about being run out of town by the mobsters, but in some versions of the story White was actually beaten up to convince him to pay. However, in his recent retellings of the story, White does not mention that the hoods got physical.

Bruce Lee was one of the most influential martial artists ever, with his fighting skills captured Wrestling is huge business. To make a living during this time he became an aerobics instructor. Luckily for White, he had grown up with Lorenzo Fertitta who had made a name for himself as an executive at hotel and casino company Station Casinos. Lorenzo quickly saw the profit that could be made and he made a deal to buy the UFC. Lorenzo also invited his older brother Frank to get in the action. They soon appointed White as president. Dana White got married to Anne in Your email address will not be published.

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