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Sunday, September 30, This is a past event. Since the next book group is a ways away we thought we would do two books in the Magic 2. But even in their wildest fantasies, they never expected to end up at the mercy of the former apprentice whom they sent to prison for gross misuse of magic and all-around evil behavior.

Who knew that the vengeful Todd would escape, then conjure a computer game packed with wolves, wenches, wastelands, and assorted harrowing hazards—and trap his hapless former friends inside it? Can our heroes survive this magical mystery torture? Or will it only lead them and their pointy hats into more peril?

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They traveled back in time to Medieval England to live as wizards. Almost everything they've done since then has, in one way or another, blown up in their faces. So, of course, they decide to make dragons. It does not go well.

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In Off to Be the Wizard , Martin Banks is a year-old hacker who dislikes the term who works a dead-end data entry job and looks through corporate file servers in his spare time. One day, he finds an extremely-large file on a server and quickly discovers that, by editing it, he can change certain things about the world he accidentally increases his height by 3 inches, although he later learns that could have killed him. Very quickly he learns to teleport by editing his geospatial coordinates , Time Travel by editing his time coordinates , and become rich by editing his bank account balance. He writes an Android app to be able to access certain functions without access to his computer and teleport at will.

A few days later, two US Treasury agents named Miller and Murphy arrest him for suspected bank fraud, forcing Martin to flee to the past.

He chooses 12th century England and arrives to a town called Leadchurch, trying to pass himself off as a wizard. He learns that he's not the first to find the file and flee to Medieval England and becomes the apprentice of a man from named Phillip who works as a local wizard.

He explains the rules adopted by all "wizards" and trains Martin in the use of the open-source shell used by the wizards to write code and macros that manifest as spells through the use of gestures and words in a bastardized version of Esperanto the locals know Latin. A local female tailor named Gwen a good friend of Phillip's makes Martin a robe and a conical hat necessary for the shell to recognize him.

Martin hits on her unsuccessfully.


Book Club: An Unwelcome Quest (Bk 3) & Fight & Flight (Bk 4) By Scott Meyer

Martin learns of another wizard named Jimmy who has arrived to Medieval England shortly after Phillip. Instead of living a quiet life in the countryside, Jimmy went to London and convinced the king to rename his city to Camelot and his son to Arthur, himself adopting the name Merlin. Phillip hates Jimmy with a passion and refuses to call him Merlin. Shortly after Martin's training is complete and he gains full shell access instead of being sent back to his own time naked and hogtied with his file access cut off , him and several other wizards receive a visit by Gwen to directs them to a village that appears to have been completely wiped out by magical means.

Seeing the short, shoe-less forms of the dead villages, Martin realizes that a wizard has been attempting to create Hobbits , thus violating all three of the wizarding taboos experimenting on non-wizards, experimenting on people without their permission, and changing someone's physical parameters. Martin and two other wizards are captured by a group of local thugs but are rescued by Gwen, who turns out to be a witch herself.

Jimmy tries to explain that he has been attempting to turn England into a mini-version of Middle-Earth. When the rest of the wizards refuse to accept his "genius", he tricks them, takes away their shell access i. Wizards with portable devices including Martin and Gwen are able to access the file directly to escape.

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Martin teleports into Camelot and challenges Jimmy to a duel. While they fight with Jimmy mostly beating up Martin , Phillip sneaks in and knocks Jimmy out. Jimmy is then sent back to his own and altered to have a strong magnetic field thus preventing him from using electronics to access the file. Martin says goodbye to Gwen, who decides to time travel to Atlantis , the only time period where female magic-users can feel safe from the Burn the Witch!

Upon arrival, all wizards are summoned to Camelot. There, they discover that Jimmy has managed to find a way to regain his powers which takes him 30 years and returns.

He de-powers all the wizards and He voluntarily de-powers himself, returning shell access to all the other wizards. Despite Phillip's reservations, the wizards vote to allow Jimmy to remain with limited powers and under constant watch. Meanwhile, the Atlantean summit results in the decision to password-protect all known copies of the file to prevent people from finding and misusing it.

The fourth novel, Fight and Flight , has Jeff convince the others to try practicing combat against virtual enemies. The others task him with creating said enemies, and he opts for dragons borrowing the model files from the studio that did work for Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, he accidentally unleashes said dragons onto Medieval Britain.

While the dragons are programmed to be unable to harm anyone with their claws or fire, the panic they're causing is proving to be nearly as damaging.